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Kia ora, New Zealand! We’re mapping a town near you.

We’re excited to share some amazing news — we’re dropping a pin on our map today in New Zealand, providing Kiwi businesses access to premium aerial imagery of our Tasmanian neighbour’s major cities. With Nearmap NZ, Kiwi businesses can access current, high resolution aerial imagery and location data on demand.  Come meet us at the […]

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Up a tree: Nearmap helps Moreton Bay Koala Rescue research habitats & release areas

The beneficiaries of working with aerial imagery are diverse: Nearmap users include construction project managers, civil engineers, smart city planners, insurance claims agents, solar installers, property appraisers, landscapers, and telco network engineers. Now, you can also count fuzzy marsupials amongst the mob. Moreton Bay Koala Rescue has been using Nearmap since 2015 to track developments […]

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Engineering Trends in 2018

Rapidly emerging technologies are leading engineers to reimagine the way they work. Here are five key trends to follow in the new financial year – and their implications for the engineering industry. 1. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) 3D printing and modelling is becoming more widespread across a range of industries, including construction, aerospace, defense, medical […]

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Innovative Infrastructure for Smart City Planning

Australia has some of the most liveable cities in the world, but will these same cities be as liveable (and lovable) once their populations double? Our major cities are expected to grow exponentially over the next few decades, with Melbourne overtaking Sydney in size by 2050 as it approaches eight million residents. To put that […]

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Next generation data for next generation networks

5G is coming. Do network engineers have the right location data to support an effective rollout? It’s the dawning of the age of 5G. And to get it right, network engineers are going to need more than Fresnel calculations — they’re going to need 3D. Not just any 3D; high-res 3D. If this is all […]

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Webinar recap: Expert tools for virtual site visits

If you missed our webinar on the new Measurable Obliques imagery and tips for using the new MapBrowser, no worries — we recorded everything so you can watch at your convenience: Even better, for the next week, it’s 50% off the regular price to add Measurable Obliques to any new or existing Nearmap subscription. Here’s […]

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Customer Zoom-in: Wigga Lees, NSW Operations Manager, Tasty Fresh Food Co.

Tasty Fresh Food Company has been a Nearmap customer since 2013. A nationally franchised mobile cafe business, Tasty uses Nearmap’s imagery in a proprietary app to map out routes for van drivers and identify new regions for expansion. We spoke to Wigga Lees, who started at Tasty as a lunch truck driver and built their […]

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How to Ensure Stakeholder Traction for Tech Upgrades

The tools we use at work are supposed to make our jobs easier, but what if they’re actually holding us back? It’s all too easy for organisations to get bogged down by their legacy software and technological processes – and difficult to forget the money that’s been sunk into these outdated systems! At a certain […]

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Connect with us at Locate18

At Nearmap we are focused on (OK, obsessed with) delivering an accurate, current, high-resolution visualisation of what’s happening in your location. We call it the truth on the ground. What goes into creating that seemingly simple snapshot of your on-site reality, though, goes far beyond point and click. Sure, there’s a lab in our Sydney […]

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How aerial imagery helps construction, engineering, and architecture firms keep up with urban sprawl

“Urban sprawl” is a phrase that’s top of mind for just about anyone who touches urban development: builders, planners, architects, engineers, infrastructure managers, local governments, and environmental analysts, to name a few. ABC has recently reported on the issue of how Australia is going to keep up with the demand for more houses, schools, and […]

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